Toastmaster Project 2 - Let's save water!


When talk about water, what come to your mind?
First things come to my mine is 70% of earth's surface is cover by water.
So, do your guys remember what happened few months ago?

Few months ago, we are out of water supply and have to start with water rationing.  
Our water supply from the reservoir/river is steadily depleting and had reached a new historical low.

I believe most of us only realize how important of the water and how grateful that we always have a clean, safe and unlimited water supply in the past...
Is the water rationing a signal to us that we might face a water crisis in future?

Our living standard is getting better but why will face water rationing?
What's the root cause of causing we have the water rationing?
Here some point to share my thought
To me, the major root cause shall be the dry weather.
A weather phenomenon called El Nino is lead to even drier weather than usual which will further affect the water supply from the river
nowadays the temperatures in Malaysia have been higher than last time, especially it went up to five degrees higher during March and April 2016.

Secondly, less raining cause the water supply drops as well.
Don't you feel that nowadays less raining compare to few years ago?
Last time, I used to dislike raining day because it is very inconvenience and have to bring umbrella.
Now I have changed my mindset, raining actually is good. It cools down the hot temperature, supply us the water and drive away the haze.

Thirdly, wasteful consumption are the root cause as well.
Many of us have mindset water is unlimited resources but in fact it is not, we shall use it with careful and with plan. For example, we use water to wash rice and, the water can be reuse to waste vegetables, and finally can use to watering flower.

Fourth, pollution is another part which causes the river become more and more dirty. People's behavior just simply throw the rubbish to the river add on the pollution. Such behavior obviously can see that we are short of citizenship and irresponsible.

Now, we know the root cause for causing the water supply drop, but what we can do to help sustain the water level/ prevent it become worst?

Firstly, we can organize some event/campaign to increase the awareness public toward the use of water.
For example, on 22nd of March - World wide water day, we can have something activity or seminar sharing how to use water in smart way, or even the activity such like clean up the river.

Secondly, I do believe educations play an important role.
Remember, not only educate children, teenager, but we do also need to educate adult which the résistance of changes from adult is more significant compare to the rest of people.

When we have changes, people always choose to stay at comfort zone and tend not to change.

For example, do you still remember when Aeon implements no plastic bag on Saturday, consumers are feeling uncomfortable for no plastic beg provided.
After implement quite sometimes,  we all are actually aware and most of us start practice no plastic bag on Saturday.
The campaign itself had not only created awareness but do help to reduce the use of plastic bag.

From that case, we know that Education will creates awareness; awareness will lead to changes.
We have to re-educate public always saving water from time to time

We all know how important of water and we shall put it to action - changes the mindset, change the behavior.
Let's save the water from now on.




本来,我还想这期的对手都是厉害的,应该是无缘拿Best Speaker 我想老天一定是要给我多点信心,让我再一次拿到Best Speaker,几乎可以说是不战而胜。虽好像是不战而胜,但是我也是有付出努力,用心准备的哦。至少一定要确保我在限时里完成我的演讲。我觉得这次的表现比上次第一次来的自然,更有进步。

给与我的评论真的是与众不凡。他以开场白当年有5个卡通人物(Captain Planet)的其中一个代表水的女子来形容我的外形几乎和那代表水的人物吻合。
接着呢,点评演讲有达到P2 的宗旨。
最后他给于的意见是需要加强结尾那部分,比如,(真正的句子已经忘了,内容大约是这样) we have to start saving the water, don‘t wait until the last drop of water is coming from our eye drop

由于只有我一个speaker, 所以在Table Topics时,有非常足够的时间进行,几乎是每个人多有机会出去演讲。这期的主题是Healthy diet/healthy live。我抽到的题目是:How you do your exercise (忘了正确的题目,大概大概是这样)
对我来说,这题目超好发挥,因为我就是为了这个Toastmaster 而牺牲掉我的瑜伽。再来忙于孩子+新柔关卡无预告的发脾气,现在的我几乎是在0运动的状况下。

结果,一针见血的题目让我拿下了第一次Best Table Topics。双喜临门,开心开心。

在无法身兼多职的当下,暗自做了决定 - 八月暂时告别Toastmaster,  我需要兼顾家庭,事业。。。


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